Saturday, July 2, 2011

Revive Rev Up Finale Party @ Euphoria MOS

(First time going to a club though -_-)
Say hello to the dancefloor

Emcees of the night- Jin and JJ from Hitz. FM.

Jin. can. make. me. melt. *gasp* =P

Jia Ying and I went upstairs for a better view of the whole dacefloor and there were lesser people there *shy*

Angry Birds mascots were there too. So fluffy and cute! =D
MyFM DJ Mei Yan and Jason were there too. Sadly didn't take photo with them T_T

All the performances from local artists such as Reshmonu, Pop Shuvit, Hunny Madu and Hydra were impressive. Envy all those prize winners of the competitions organized by Revive =P

Yours truly & Jin


Yours truly & JJ (he's hillarious omg)

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