Saturday, February 12, 2011

Done Right Campers Reunion

Do you guys remember the blog posts about Done Right Camp organized by Nuffnang & DiGi? It has been four weeks since I joined the camp and met awesome bloggers. This is our first gathering.

Dinner at Carl's Jr Mid Valley

Drink until you drop!

One of the things that I love about Carls Jr is that they provide ice tea and lemons for customers to make their own iced lemon tea. Forget about the carbonated ice lemon tea and other carbonated drinks =P Refillable!

Rayyan and I have added loads of these cuties!

It is recommended to share this big sized drink among 3 persons.

Elwyn conquering the huge iced lemon tea.

Chilli Fries
Phillpe with his cool HTC phone. I call him Rayyan's HTC Advisor. Anything to ask about HTC, find him =P

Rayyan with his HTC Phone from DiGi & Nuffnang!

Classic burger. I find that the beef patty is kinda tasteless =/

Bacon Swiss. Taste good as said by Rayyan ;)

Next stop for desserts! D e l i c i o u s!
Berry Chocolate Pavlova. Can you believe that this is actually made from egg whites? Topped with juicy strawberries, the meringue is crunchy and not overly sweet. Garnished with fresh cream and shaved chocolate- heaven!

Chocolate Cake Served with Vanilla Ice Cream. Hot from the chocolate cake and cold from the ice cream. Great mixed sensation of tastebuds. Sinful, but who can resist it? ;)

Ice Cappuccino

Had wonderful time catching up with you guys. Hope to see you guys soon in the next DRC Reunion! =) Other campers must attend next time yo~! *winks*


Azham Vosovic said...

Aiyooo, hahaha... ok plan it again next time....

M Ỡ Қ ҝ ¥ said...

@Azham>>> yea. hope to see you in the next DRC gathering! ;)